Wastebuilt Announces Acquisition of Refuse Parts Depot

CHICAGO – September 29, 2017—Wastebuilt Environmental Solutions, LLC announces the addition of Refuse Parts Depot (RPD) to the Wastebuilt family of companies (Wastebuilt and Stepp-ID Parts).  Refuse Parts Depot’s seasoned management team has built a successful parts operation that provides superior service to their refuse customers. The combination with Wastebuilt’s comprehensive product portfolio will provide customers with even better customer service and further expands Wastebuilt’s reach in the East and Midwest.

Commenting on the news, Wastebuilt COO Dave McKeon said, “We are delighted to welcome the RPD team to the Wastebuilt family! RPD represents an exceptional fit with Wastebuilt’s Stepp-ID Parts line in terms of geographic footprint, product portfolio, and customer-centric operating philosophy.”

Jim Pfeiffer, Wastebuilt EVP Parts, goes on to say, “I could not be more excited to have Refuse Parts Depot join the Stepp-ID Parts team. By adding a great group of people and three more locations to our team, we can provide one-day shipping to over half of the country with the same great customer service and quality that customers have come to expect from each of our companies.”

“We are excited to be partnering with the Wastebuilt team.” said Jeff Wellman, president of Refuse Parts Depot.  “With the combination of high quality service and a more comprehensive product offering from Wastebuilt, we will be able to better serve our customers. This is a great opportunity for our customers and employees alike, as we combine with an industry leader to serve the waste industry better than any other parts provider.”

About Refuse Parts Depot Refuse Parts Depot, a family owned business, was launched in 2010 by Jeff and Dawn Wellman. RPD has grown to three locations serving the waste industry with thousands of parts for virtually every make and model of refuse truck. RPD’s mission is to provide waste haulers with unprecedented parts expertise, superior service, and personal attention.

About Wastebuilt Environmental Solutions

Wastebuilt is the premier national provider of parts, equipment, and service to the waste and recycling industry with locations in Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Illinois, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, and Wisconsin.  With unmatched product expertise, Stepp-ID Parts provides same-day or next-day service to over half of the USA from its vast inventory of parts providing local, hometown service with national reach. With our highly valued equipment distribution network, Wastebuilt represents several lines of specialty truck bodies including refuse bodies, roll-off hoists, vacuum trucks, street sweepers, as well as containers, and compactors.  Wastebuilt also provides repair, maintenance and installation services to its customers.





Dave McKeon

COO, Wastebuilt Environmental Solutions, LLC


Jim Pfeiffer

EVP, Wastebuilt Environmental Solutions, LLC

Parts Segment Leader,

jpfeiffer@wastebuilt.com 630-485-2040


Jeff Wellman

General Manager, Refuse Parts Depot

A Wastebuilt Company

jwellman@refusepartsdepot.com 859-298-6102

Wastebuilt Environmental Solutions, LLC announces appointment of Greg Podell as Vice Chairman of The Board; COO Dave McKeon ASSUMES operating Responsibility effective January 1, 2017

Wastebuilt Environmental Solutions, LLC announces appointment of Greg Podell as Vice Chairman of The Board; COO Dave McKeon ASSUMES operating Responsibility effective January 1, 2017


BOLINGBROOK, Ill.December 5, 2016– Wastebuilt Environmental Solutions, LLC (Wastebuilt), a leading provider of parts, service, and equipment for the waste and recycling industry, is pleased to announce that Greg Podell will transition from Chief Executive Officer to Vice Chairman of the Board, effective January 1, 2017. Taking over day-to-day responsibilities at Wastebuilt is Chief Operating Officer Dave McKeon, who joined the Company in February 2016.

“Since Wastebuilt’s formation just over four years ago, we have built a national company providing parts, service and equipment for our customers across the waste and recycling industry. Partnering with great companies through acquisition, our initial integration period is largely behind us and our business strategies are delivering solid results,” Podell explained. “With our momentum building, I’m moving from an operational leadership position to a more strategic role as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors.”

Chief Operating Officer Dave McKeon will assume operating responsibility. McKeon joined Wastebuilt with considerable experience managing all facets of industrial distribution, manufacturing, and service. Prior to joining Wastebuilt, he spent nine years as president of C&H Distributors, where he ran its North American operations. His extensive operating experience also includes leadership positions with McMaster-Carr Supply, Beckley Cardy Group, and USABlueBook.

“This has been an exciting year to join Wastebuilt,” McKeon said. “Wastebuilt is becoming a national leader in parts, service, and equipment for the waste and recycling industry with an unrivaled suite of products and services for our customers. It is the right time to shift our focus to operations so we can take full advantage of the new and growing opportunities open to a company with our national scale and broad expertise. We look forward to building on the momentum of the past four years under Greg’s leadership.”

John Dyson, Chairman of Wastebuilt, added: “As a founder and its chief architect, Greg Podell has been instrumental in making his vision for Wastebuilt a reality. We are pleased that Greg will continue with the company in his new role as Vice Chairman and we look forward to his continued leadership on the Board as we build on his vision of excellence.”

With Dave McKeon in charge of operations, Wastebuilt has no plans to commence a CEO search.

About Wastebuilt Environmental Solutions, LLC

Wastebuilt was formed in December of 2012 in order to create a customer-focused and national provider of parts, service, and equipment for the waste and recycling industry. Wastebuilt is majority-owned by Millbrook Capital Management Inc., a New York City-based investment firm that seeks to acquire and grow companies in partnership with founders and experienced management teams by providing capital and strategic guidance. www.wastebuilt.com


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Adam Friedman

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Wastebuilt Customer Spotlight: Waste Pro’s Fred Wood

Cal Franklin’s interview with Waste Pro’s Fred Wood

Galfab’s Cal Franklin recently interviewed Waste Pro’s Fred Wood. Fred has been in the waste industry for several decades and has performed a variety of duties within the industry. He is currently is Senior Vice President of Waste Pro USA.

Franklin:           You have been with Waste Pro a long time. How has that  experience been for you?

Wood:             Fantastic!!! We have a great team of people who pull together and have worked hard to establish a great company. I am extremely proud of our employees. As we say… Waste Pro Proud.

 Franklin:         Waste Pro is getting larger each year and is claiming its share of markets in several states. Where is the company footprint established today?

Wood:             We are currently servicing the Southeast United States. We have operations in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi and Louisiana. It is quite a broad area but we have outstanding people in those areas that do a great job of servicing our customers.

Franklin:         What are your responsibilities within the company structure?

Wood:             I am a board member Senior Vice President Corporate maintenance manager. One of my duties involves giving motivational speeches to our employees. I enjoy talking to this group of dedicated individuals. They work hard every day to insure the garbage gets picked up. I’m proud of that.

 Franklin:         You have had over 20 years of experience in the waste industry. How did it get started and why did you make it a career?
Wood:             My parents owned a garbage company. Also, my grandparents owned a garbage company in the late sixties. I remember my  father worked in a factory and made $100.00 per week. My  mother ran the garbage route and made $100.00 per day. That has always stuck in my head. I also realized garbage is very consistent work. It has always been very important to me to provide the best possible life-style for my family.

Franklin:         Wastebuilt, which is a fairly new company, has begun a new customer-client relationship with Waste Pro. How has that been working out for you?

Wood:             I feel we are building a great relationship with Wastebuilt. We need (GREAT) vendors to stay competitive in the industry. Wastebuilt is working hard at the division level earning the business. Your staff has have been very professional assisting setting up our parts rooms. We are finding ways to help each other thru parts and rebuilding components that will save Waste Pro money.

Franklin:         Tell us about your wife and children?

Wood:             My wife is a horse lover. That said…it tells you where my money goes!! She is a great girl.  I took her to the Junior Prom in high school. That was almost 40 years ago. And she still likes me. I don’t know why either!  Our only child…our daughter works for Waste Pro. Tamara and her husband Nick  and our two precious grandsons live in the Greenville South Carolina area. Yes…she is a daddy’s girl. We are very proud of her and Nick. The great thing is we live close…only two hours from them.







Wastebuilt Executive Spotlight: Mark Clindaniel

Cal Franklin recently interviewed Wastebuilt Southeast’s Mark Clindaniel. Mark joined Mark CWastebuilt with 25 years of experience in the waste industry. Prior to joining Wastebuilt, he served 11 years in sales and management roles at Wastequip and Galbreath.  Most recently, Mark was responsible for Midwest sales for E-Z Pack.

Franklin:     You’ve been in this business a long-time. What attracted you to this industry?

Clindaniel:  The industry is a very close knit group of professionals who take pride in their work and profession. Let’s face it…trash is not glamorous but         the people make it a very fun and unique industry.

Franklin:     Wastebuilt is a fairly new company with several recent acquisitions. What is your opinion of this new company with some industry old names?

Clindaniel:  If I counted the number of fingers equaling a decade per finger, I don’t have enough hands for the years of knowledge we have in the Wastebuilt Company. I started in the Waste Industry in 1989 and in our company, I am the inexperienced one. Greg Podell and Jerry Samson have over 60 years combined along with many others including yourself. Wastebuilt is three years old but has the knowledge of a company which has been in business 50 years. This includes great companies like Stepp and Consolidated and their years of success which they bring to the Wastebuilt Family.

Franklin:     You’ve opened up an office in south Florida. Can you tell us about it and what will be occurring at this facility?

Clindaniel:  Our facility in Florida is named Wastebuilt Southeast which is located in Pompano Beach. It is a brand new property from the ground up. We provide a wide variety of parts and full service including mobile service which will accommodate the entire State of Florida. We are focusing on customer needs in Florida with a concentration on Parts and Service to the customer base. The property is 30,000 Square feet of Parts warehouse and six-bay shop. We currently have six employees and will have eight to 10 by the end of the year. Parts and Service will be our priority.

Franklin:     Parts and service seemed to be a big part of what you will be doing.

Clindaniel:  Cal, we have only been invoicing about 2 ½ months and are very excited by the reception which has been provided to us by several great customers. We are delivering parts to our customers’ door along with service at their locations. That is being very well received at this time. We hope to build a large customer base to be serviced by a great group of Wastebuilt employees who are passionate on customer satisfaction.

Franklin:     How did the recent open-house go at the new location?

Clindaniel:  The open house went well. We had two great days of customer orientation and training on several products. We were happy to have Don Galbreath attend. He is a legend in our industry and we were glad to see him. I am hoping to make the open house an annual event and watch the numbers grow. I encourage all of our friends and customers to stop by and visit our facility.

Franklin:     Can you tell us about the employees who will be working with you in Florida?

Clindaniel:  We have brought in many experienced players. Randy Bourbeau is young guy who handles our service side of the business. He has many years of experience in the waste industry. Randy managed a fleet of refuse trucks over 100 deep and multiple brand names in Kentucky. Michael Shellenbaum is a young guys straight out of college who is our inside parts coordinator from Arizona. Both of these guys have been with me from the start. They are DEVOTED to Wastebuilt. Randy Schellenbaum is our parts service manager who brings to us 30 plus years in the waste industry. He recently moved here from Arizona. These people make the company and WE HAVE THE PEOPLE!

Franklin:     You have moved from Indiana to Florida. How has the transition been with your wife Pam and the children to the move?

Clindaniel:  We dropped the youngest son off at college on a Thursday and moved down on the following Saturday. We are empty nesters and we love it! Don’t get me wrong, we love and miss our children but they are growing up. Two of them have their own homes. They can visit any time and the door is always open…it’s just a different environment for me and Pam. My wife loves it in Florida. For Pam, the hotter it is, the happier she is. I have a happy wife right now. Pam can have fun in the sun and I get to grow a company from the bottom up. It is a great time in my life to experience this challenge and I am having fun doing it.






Wastebuilt announces Arizona transaction

Wastebuilt announces Arizona transaction


CHICAGO – September 9, 2013—Wastebuilt Environmental Solutions, LLC announces a transaction where The ACS Companies (Action Compaction Services and Action Container Solutions) in Phoenix, Arizona, have joined the Wastebuilt family of companies (Stepp Equipment, Galfab, and Consolidated Disposal Systems).


Commenting on the news, Wastebuilt CEO Greg Podell said, “We look forward to a great partnership with Jerome Vinagro and Brian Gibson, as this transaction continues the ongoing strategy of Wastebuilt, to provide a customer-focused source for equipment, parts, and service supported by manufacturing facilities.  Over the years, Jerome and Brian have demonstrated an unrelenting commitment to providing superior customer service across Arizona and the West Coast.  I couldn’t be more excited to have them join the Wastebuilt team as we continue to increase our capabilities in providing customers with solutions for refuse handling equipment and parts.”

“We are excited to be partnering with Greg and the Wastebuilt team.” said Jerome Vinagro, co-owner of ACS.  “Our growing footprint will allow us to stay close to customers and provide them with timely solutions to their equipment and service needs.”

“Our combined individual expertise will make us better as a team,” added ACS co-owner Brian Gibson.  “This is a great opportunity for our employees, vendors and customers alike, as we combine our forces to deliver world class capabilities.”

About ACS
Action Container Solutions is a leading manufacturer of waste containers, compactors and vertical balers with a state of the art facility located in Phoenix, AZ.  ACS currently ships equipment throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada.


Action Compaction Services is a first-class compactor and baler service, repair and installation company covering the entire state of Arizona. Action Compaction Services has a team of experienced technicians working with customers to provide an immediate response to any service issue that may arise.


About Wastebuilt Environmental Solutions

Wastebuilt is owned by Millbrook Capital Management Inc., a New York City-based investment firm led by John S. Dyson.  Wastebuilt was created in December of 2012 as a customer-focused company in the waste and recycling equipment industry, providing world class distribution of equipment, parts, and services supported by manufacturing facilities.



About Millbrook Capital Management Inc.
Millbrook Capital Management Inc., headquartered in New York City, specializes in private equity investments. The firm invests in buyouts, divestitures, and private transactions of lower middle-market manufacturing and business services companies. For additional information, please contact Alan Rivera at 212.586.4333.


Greg Podell
CEO, Wastebuilt Environmental Solutions

Jerry Samson
Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Wastebuilt Environmental Solutions

Brian Gibson