We’d like to welcome you to Wastebuilt 

Wastebuilt has had phenomenal success in recent years due to the people who work at our facilities. Wastebuilt is the premier national provider to the waste and recycling industry. We are committed to establishing ourselves as a world class parts, distribution and service company.

Wastebuilt is structured and managed utilizing three business segments which include:

  • Parts
  • Service
  • Equipment

The Parts segment of our business interfaces well with all aspects of the waste and recycling related products including but not limited to chassis, refuse bodies, hoists, compactors and containers.

Complementing our Parts segment is our Service where we have developed a growing recognition for quality in keeping our customer’s fleet of equipment working efficiently every single day.

Wastebuilt’s Equipment business segment is made up of  products we distribute that are manufactured by other companies.


What We Value

Integrity above all else, taking care of our customers, love what we do and who we do it with, making a living for us and our families.